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My standard, flat fee is £200 per working day, or £180 for half a day (four hours) or £50 per hour. That applies for any combination of planning a project, writing, filming, photography, outreach, editing, social media or any work. You can pay me online, or by cash in person.

Here's some promises about my work:

  • I'll try to give an honest estimate upfront as to how long a project will take and therefore how much it will cost. 

  • I won't mess you around. If I can't do something I'll tell you pretty quickly. however, I do have an extensive range of contacts who may be able to help.

  • I'll endeavour to get your work turned around as quickly as possible - two weeks' maximum. In that regard, it would be nice if you could try and pay me within the same time frame.

  • I don't do weddings yet. Sorry.

  • Sometimes I may ask for a small deposit upfront, particularly for external events

  • Two sets of amends only - any more than that and I may charge more. 

  • If the job is more than ten miles away from Peterborough I may ask for expenses to be paid.

  • If I don't feel it's up to scratch I may reduce the fee, or not charge at all.

  • If you like what I do, please share it on social media or tell your friends. 

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