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Marketing and PR

With 13 years' experience in journalism, and having worked for local and regional newspapers, agency marketing and public authorities, I have built up a good reputation and a huge number of contacts in digital and print media.


I can offer: 

  • Features for online/print/newspaper

  • Copywriting

  • Website content

  • Campaign plans

  • Interview pieces - written, video or audio

  • Social media

  • YouTube/Vimeo videos

  • Brainstorm

Links to some of my work:

Drink Driving in the UK - a comprehensive studyhttps://www.jenningsmotorgroup.co.uk/drink-driving/

What you need to consider before becoming a loan guarantor: https://www.knowyourmoney.co.uk/guarantor-loans/what-to-consider-before-becoming-loan-guarantor/

Ray Matthews- 75 Marathons in 75 Days: https://www.athleticsweekly.com/news/75-marathons-75-days-75-years-old-incredible-ray-matthews-story-73123/

Questions that journalists will ask and how to avoid being caught out: 


How public information can bring your campaigns to life:



Interview with Rand Fishkin: https://www.zazzlemedia.co.uk/blog/rand-fishkin-interview/

How to conduct the perfect interview: https://www.zazzlemedia.co.uk/blog/interviewing-techniques/

AO - Bringing the Summer Home (EURO 2016 CAMPAIGN): https://ao.com/life/bringing-the-summer-home/